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Web Apps Made Easy

CascadeDataSystems creates software (the appgenerator™) that enables anyone (including non-programmers) to rapidly build customized, database-driven web applications.

If you manage any type of information, you probably know how difficult and expensive it can be to find/develop the perfect information management system/software. The appgenerator lowers the cost of custom software development by providing the end-user with the ability to create their own programs (for relatively simple apps), while assisting programmers in more complex systems by producing a code foundation on which they can build upon.

The appgenerator is unique in several regards:
  • it is targeted towards end-users and programmers
  • it is not process-driven like other code generators; everything is based on the data model
  • the appGenerator lives on your server; you're not "renting" the system or code that it creates
  • it is a web-based product, enabling users from multiple locations to create and use web apps
  • it creates apps that are automatically installed and ready-to-use on your (the native) server
  • you can download and modify the code/apps to re-sell or install them onto another server
  • it can easily create inter-related apps, and merge them automatically into tightly integrated systems
  • the debugger clearly explains any syntax problems, and will not allow you to create a faulty app
  • you can start creating apps after watching a 10-minute video tutorial

To learn more, please read the product description.

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